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Why Aren’t Female Condom Markets Working?
Gloria dreams of a contraceptive and HIV prevention method that she can control. As a university student in Zambia, Gloria goes on dates in between working and studying. Some of the men have potential. She could imagine marrying one of them and ha... Read full article

Upcoming Webinar: “Imagining the future of women’s contraception”
This month, the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition’s New/Underused RH Technologies Caucus will twice host the webinar: “Imagining the future of women’s contraception: Results from the CT Innovation Lab Workshops in Kenya and India." Present... Read full article

Getting Behind Human-Centered Design for Contraceptive Innovation
Guest blog contributors are Anna Lawton, Global Health Research Associate at FHI 360 and Babitha George,  a partner at Quicksand, a design firm based in India.
When it comes to female contraceptive products, innovation has been mo... Read full article

Why Women-Centered MPT Development Matters
Guest blog contributors Martha Brady, PATH Director of Reproductive Health and Maggie Kilbourne-Brook, PATH Senior Program Officer, originally posted this Read full article

A Fresh Start to Female Condom Marketing
Guest  bloggers are Nora Miller of WCG and Ashley Jackson of PSI
Imagine a woman named Cynthia who lives in Malawi. Cynthia’s boyfriend Ben doesn’t like to use condoms. And she doesn’t feel like she can insist on condom u... Read full article

Empowering Women Who Want to “Stick” with Contraception
Guest contributors are Jennifer Drake, PATH’s Advancing Contraceptive Options portfolio director, and Kimberly Whipkey, a PATH policy and advocacy officer.
Read full article

When Developing New Contraceptives, Begin with the End in Mind
Contributing guest blogger, Kate H. Rademacher, is a Technical Advisor in FHI 360's Contraceptive Technology Innovation department
Begin with the end in mind. A phrase that is frequently used, it can mean different things in differ... Read full article

Building the Case for Contraceptive Technology Innovation
Guest contributor, Laneta Dorflinger, PhD,  Distinguished Scientist, is director of FHI 360's Contraceptive Technology Innovation Department.
Why do women who do not want to get pregnant choose not to use modern family planning me... Read full article

New Research Findings on MPT User Preferences
On the heels of our recent blog series on contraceptive method acceptability comes new research Read full article