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A Fresh Start to Female Condom Marketing
Guest  bloggers are Nora Miller of WCG and Ashley Jackson of PSI
Imagine a woman named Cynthia who lives in Malawi. Cynthia’s boyfriend Ben doesn’t like to use condoms. And she doesn’t feel like she can insist on condom u... Read full article

WHO revises guidance on injectable contraceptive use among women at high risk of HIV
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently issued revised guidance on the use of the injectable contraceptives DMPA and NET-EN by women at high ris... Read full article

WHO to Review Risk of HIV Acquisition with Hormonal Contraception
An update to the 2014 systematic review of epidemiological evidence on hormonal contraception and HIV acquisition risk was presented at the 2016 International AIDS Conference.  This review, which included five additional observational studies, was ... Read full article

ECHO Study of Hormonal Contraception and HIV Risk Begins
This announcement was originally posted January 25, 2016 on FHI 360’s website. Reposted with permission. A landmark study designed to fill a crit... Read full article

Analysis Calls for More U.S. Investment in MPTs
The following post originally appeared as part of a research roundup on the Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) blog, Read full article

Hormonal Contraception and HIV Acquisition?
Does the use of hormonal contraception significantly increase the risk of HIV acquisition? To women at risk of HIV, this is a critically important question. Two new review articles, published in January 2015, look at this important issue. The fir... Read full article