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Why Aren’t Female Condom Markets Working?
Gloria dreams of a contraceptive and HIV prevention method that she can control. As a university student in Zambia, Gloria goes on dates in between working and studying. Some of the men have potential. She could imagine marrying one of them and ha... Read full article

New Female Condom: How to Interest Providers and Retailers
Guest  bloggers are Danielle Harris of WCG Cares and Ashley Jackson of PSI. This post originally appeared on the PSI Impact blog. Read full article

Vaginal Ring Dose-Finding Results Published
Contraceptive vaginal rings (CVRs) offer women a self-controlled, non-daily delivery system. One CVR - the FDA approved NuvaRing® - is on the market, and another, the one-year Ne... Read full article

Contraceptive Technology Innovation: A Wise Investment
As long as some women and men find current family planning methods unacceptable, unaffordable, or inaccessible, there will be a need for contraceptive technology innovation. In the summer of 2018, Read full article

Getting Behind Human-Centered Design for Contraceptive Innovation
Guest blog contributors are Anna Lawton, Global Health Research Associate at FHI 360 and Babitha George,  a partner at Quicksand, a design firm based in India.
When it comes to female contraceptive products, innovation has been mo... Read full article

Vaginal Rings: The Future is Now
Guest contributors are Saumya RamaRao, senior associate, and Loreley Villamide-Herrera, biomedical program manager, at the Population Council.
Expanding contraceptive options for voluntary family planning is critical for three reasons. Firs... Read full article

Blocking Sperm by Reinforcing Cervical Mucus
Guest blogger is Frederik Petursson Madsen, chief executive officer of Circle Biomedical, with contributions from Thomas Crouzier, group leader at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
Over the past several decade... Read full article

A Chicken or Egg Dilemma: Reducing Commodity Costs When Scaling up Contraceptive Implants
Guest contributors to this blog series are Markus J. Steiner, PhD, Scientist, and Kate H. Rademacher, Technical Advisor, in FHI 360’s Contraceptive Technology Innovation Department.
  Contraceptive implants have been available for... Read full article

High-Tech Fertility Awareness: Moving Beyond the Beads
Contributing Blogger, Leslie Heyer, is founder and president of Cycle Technologies.
Millions of women in low- and middle-income countries have used evidence-based fertility awareness methods over the past several years. Most of the... Read full article