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When are commodities not just “commodities”?
Post written by Mukul Taparia, Managing Director, Pregna International

“Commodity” is a ... Read full article


Product Registration: Pro Tips for Program Managers
New contraceptive products have the potential to help women and girls plan the families and lives they desire. Among the 214 million women in developing countries with an unmet need for family planning, many cite method-related reasons for not using ... Read full article

A Chicken or Egg Dilemma: Reducing Commodity Costs When Scaling up Contraceptive Implants
Guest contributors to this blog series are Markus J. Steiner, PhD, Scientist, and Kate H. Rademacher, Technical Advisor, in FHI 360’s Contraceptive Technology Innovation Department.
  Contraceptive implants have been available for... Read full article

Sayana® Press Price Reduction Announced

Webinar on Health Commodity Forecasting
On Thursday, March 16, the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition will host a webinar to explore the recently published Read full article

Quantification of Health Commodities-RMNCH Supplement
Updated in mid-2016, the Quantification of Health Commodities-RMNCH Supplement:  Forecasting Consumption of Select Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Commodities guides program managers, service providers, and technical experts who co... Read full article